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The aspiration is to create a central social platform to allow users to share their recipes with the world! A home for the greatest food recipes on the web, a place for sharing (without the nonsense).

Cookerdoo helps everyone! If you want to showcase your finest recipes, or you want to organise your favourite recipes and share with friends, Cookerdoo helps with it all!

Future goals for Cookerdoo includes being able to monetise your profile in a non-intrusive manner, meaning; as a Content Creator at Cookerdoo, you will be able to make money from your hobby!

It's easy, our team is waiting for you! Check out our contact page or E-mail Us at [email protected]

It's easy, create an account and get started on uploading or leaving reviews! Either start your recipe creation from scratch or import them directly from your instagram feed!

The team are working on making this a reality, we plan on non-intrusive ways to generate revenue, community led rather than forcing pesky ads you don't want to see!

Great news: Cookerdoo has no fees.

Our nifty 'Instagram grabber' will allow you to connect your Instagram account and choose recipes directly from your Instagram, making your recipe creation experience much easier.

No! Cookerdoo is a free to use platform.

We welcome everyone, Cookerdoo isn't just for content creators we want all types of people as part of our community. Anyone and everyone that wants to become a slice of the pie, pun intended.

NO, Cookerdoo will in the future, allow users the option of supporting their favourite content creators, this will always be optional, never mandatory.

Found someone you love? Then Follow that person! You can review your followers in Cookerdoo Hub

The best way to leave interaction would be by leaving a review on their recipes! Tried it? Tell them how it was! Our content creators want to hear what you think! To make sure this is never missed we have notifications built into Cookerdoo!

Please check your spam for missing email, if that didn't work then please contact us and we will investigate.

Security is important to us, keeping your details safe is a top priority for us; we continuously monitor and contrinously strive to enhance security at all times. You can rely on us!

Once you have created your account you will be able to track all of your recipes, followers, recipe ratings and much more via our "Cookerdoo Hub" this is a great tool to see what is working for you and get the analytics behind your recipes!