Work Wheels Founder Tanaka-San /// Interview

Work Wheels is a name that synonymous with high quality and trust, and this from a company that has been around for over 30 years. They make some of the most desirable aftermarket wheels on the planet. Earlier in the year we were invited to Auckland and have a sit down with the founder of Work Wheels, Takeshi Tanaka. We caught up with Tanaka-San at the Automania Automotive festival. There was a massive communication issue as none of the Speedmagnet team speak Japanese, and Tanaka-San’s english is limited. Luckily for us Koji-San who had come along with Tanaka-San spoke perfect english and was able to translate the conversation for us. It was humbling to find out some of the information about the company and its origins, and we left the interview motivated, hoping that in 30 years we will be in a similar position after following our own dreams (fingers and toes crossed).

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