Exports and imports – SEMA 2014 /// Gallery 2/5

Exports and imports – SEMA 2014 /// Gallery 2/5

Fact: In 1998, the SEMA Show broke the 500,000-foot mark with 502,912 net square feet of rented space. Each year since then, the Show has set new records of some sort. It now occupies more than one million net square feet, draws more than 3,000 media, and has a buyer attendance in excess of 60,000. The SEMA Show now routinely brings together more than 2,000 exhibitors, occupying in excess of 10,000 booths. Total attendance at the Show now tops 100,000 manufacturers, buyers and other industry representatives, making contacts and doing business.

Fact: Wear really comfy footwear, as you will be covering more surface area than a Kenyan long distance runner.

(source: wikipedia)

More amazing rides here: SEMA gallery 1/5


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