Aaaaaaaannnd… We’re back!!! /// FYI

Aaaaaaaannnd… We’re back!!! /// FYI

After a winter of hibernation, we are back for a humungous summer of events. The 2014/15 season was such a rad time, met so many new people, developed many new networks, forged some new friendships and basically spent our entire summer around your amazing rides.

Over the winter we got the chance to recharge the batteries, empty the SD cards and assess the past year. It was ideal as it gave us time to review what we had created, how we can step that up going forward and what can be done differently. It’s been three years since we first started on this journey, we now look forward to taking automotive media in slightly new direction for the next 24 months.

One of the main differences you will see going forward is a much more personal angle on our footage. We really want to emphasise the human factor, hoping to capture content and experiences that you can relate to.

We want to take this time to thank everyone that has supported Speedmagnet, whether from day one or even if this is the first time you are visiting the site. Thank you, and hopefully we will see you again soon. Would also like to thank our amazing sponsors past and present: NAC insurance, Nankang Tyres and Work Wheels without your backing we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We also have a few big announcements to make regarding some new partners for 2016/17 but that will require it’s own post.

Would also like to thank our amazing team (we will introduce the new line-up soon), these guys do the hard yards behind the scene to make sure we have top notch content for your viewing pleasure.


Not the actual team, silhouette based on what a team could maybe look like. If we actually wore suits and had way more ladies on the team this could be us.

For the next year we will be travelling flat out around the country,  even overseas for a couple of big events. Here are some of the places that we will be at over the summer:

Demon Drifting R1 Poster Graphic 2 SHADOW (1)


Team Jenkins motorsport will be looking at ruffling some feathers this year in the top tier championship.

We will be at all the D1NZ Rounds this year

  • Feilding: Manfeild Raceway 
    November 27th & 28th 2015

  • Tauranga: ASB Baypark [Night] January 8th & 9th 2016

  • Taupo: Taupo Motorsport Park
    January 29th, 30th & 31st 2016

  • Waikato: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
    Febuary 27th & 28th 2016

  • Christchurch: Mike Pero Motorsport Park
    March 26th & 27th 2016 (Easter Holiday


    The Marshall boys from the ATJ drift team will be the ones to keep an eye out for this season.

    Auckland: Pukekohe Park Raceway
    April 22nd, 23rd & 24th 2016 (ANZAC)

    For ticketing information check out


    We will also be at all the 4 & Rotary events for the year, starting with the 20th Anniversary nationals!

    Other 4 & Rotary events we will be at:

    North Island Jamboree –  Manfeild: 6th March 2016

    South Island Champs – Location TBA: Early November

    For more information and where to get early bird entry check out 


    Something special, the 20th anniversary of the 4&Rotary Nationals should see the best of the best on display, with some throwback rides too to see how far the scene has progressed. ‘Titans with cennies’ anyone? 🙂


    2015/16 also sees an expansion of the HardParks, with a Palmy and Taupo event added. The Palmy event has been organised to run in conjunction with the first round of D1NZ.


    Followed by NZ’s premier HardPark and the spiritual home of this style of event, HardPark Welly in early feb:

    Speedmagnet - Hardpark-286

    With a new summer date, HardPark Welly could have over a 1000 cars in attendance. Do not miss it!!

    11149809_10153754680295968_4326417211288749456_o (2)

    And the newest addition to be run alongside Battlemania  is HardPark Taupo:



    Practicality is optional, style lasts forever.

    On the subject of Battlemania this year it evolves into its own standalone event, and happens to be the day after the ReUnion the rotary only track event. A massive weekend for the lake city, so book your accom nice and early for this before the ‘drift tax’ starts getting added on.



    With over 200+ Battles run through out the day, Battlemania is one of the most entertaining drift events to watch. If you are a battle fan book your tickets now.

    We are also having withdrawals from the Jet Sprinting too, and are super amped for another action packed spectacular season at the edge of the water, watching these mad men and women hurling themselves with total disregard for personal wellbeing. We are following team 222 and team ‘111 Poison Ivy’ closely again in their build ups to the World Series that will be held in NZ this year.



    Power and beauty, not many, if any motorsport events come close to Jet sprinting in either aspect. Basically time attack on the water. Mental cats.

    Round 1 : Meremere – 12th December 2015

    Round 2 : Whanganui – 27th December 2015

    Round 3: Meremere – 24th January 2016

    Round 4: Baypark Tauranga – 30th January 2016

    Round 5/6: TBA



    This season also sees our first venture to the Leadfoot Festival – February 5/6/7.




    Motorsport history in a beautiful NZ setting with a festival atmosphere.

    The team is super amped to cover this event and see New Zealand motorsport history hoon up a custom built driveway, on a hill, in all their glory. This year will be bigger than ever as the event starts gaining an international following. NZ’s version of Goodward, but way cooler with less tea and lack of aristocrats.

    More Feature Cars

    The talented team will also be increasing the amount of features we do. From photo sets of some really tidy rides, to video shoots of the creme de la creme modified machinery the country has to offer. So if you think you have a ride that people would be interested in, send me us a message on our Facebook page . We are looking forward to hearing from you!


    More pics of this Evo X here.

    Below is an example of a video feature that we did a while back. We have a few in the works, and have tweaked the format. With more shooting experience under the belt, better gear and a kick-ass editor. Keep an eye out for the next feature to drop soon.

    2015/16 is going to be a a banger season for sure, the scene is really ramping up. More people are building cars and getting into modified rides in general. Businesses in the scene have noticed increased sales/interest of their goods. All the makings of an all timer!!

    To fire up the coverage the first three events that we will be dropping are:

    A photo-set from The CJC jerkfest held at Taupo, NZ…

    cjc jfest 15


    … Highlights video and photo coverage of the V 4&Rotary South Island Champs…



    … And a photo-set from the premier automotive show, SEMA 2015.



    It’s going to be a crazy year and we look forward to sharing our experiences of the NZ car scene and abroad with you!

    Never forget that…

    “Growing old, is inevitable. Growing up, is optional.”


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