#SundaySlowdown /// Gallery

#SundaySlowdown /// Gallery

A favorite past time for many car enthusiasts and where it all started, the streets. With ‘Cruising’ gaining bad publicity in the past here and abroad, and with plenty of legitimized events be it drifting, drag racing or circuit based there is now a big push to get people racing in the right places to keep it off our roads.

However not all of us were involved with street racing in the younger days. Some of us just like to cruise the streets, a past time which can now easily be frowned upon by the public due to a minority of trouble makers tarnishing us all with the same brush. The ‘Sunday Slowdown’ is a chance for car enthusiasts to have a good time catching up with friends both old and new while trying to redeem our image in the public’s eye where possible.

One of the points stressed in the creation of this event was our behavior in the public eye, trouble making behavior is certainly not welcome or endorsed at any of our events. Anyone caught breaking the rules or the law will be reported and unwelcome for any future event. There is a time and a place for racing now and it is no longer the street. With the first event a success, we decided to venture further out of town on this trip as the cruise itself is what many of the crowd came for.

Our meeting location was Harcourt park in Upper Hutt and by 2 pm the car park and surrounding streets were full of vehicles and people gathering to talk and catch up under the Wellington sun.

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-1

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-4

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-16

After an hour of meet and greet the team began to head ‘over the hill’ on route to our final park up location Lake Ferry. A popular tourist and camping destination Lake Ferry has beautiful scenery and a large grass area we could park on to BBQ for the masses. As the cars filled the parking space a few of the locals came out to take their own photos, it was cool to see the locals involved as well.

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-124

Our friend Chris had the most important job of the day, BBQ transportation!

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-123

Tom (a chef) had offered to prepare pulled pork and coleslaw for the crowd to chow on which went down superbly. The slow cooking process took around 8 hours and upon donation you got yourself one of the finest BBQ pork rolls on offer anywhere. His new cooking methods will be repeated with this success I am sure and we would like to thank him for all of the hours put into this fine food.

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-95

One of the most positive outcomes was the group to group interaction. Having attended many car enthusiast meets in my life, the one thing that usually stands out is the number of small groups standing 1-2 meters apart not interacting with one another. I really felt that this was the smaller car scene communities coming together over a ‘sausie’ or two. The New Zealand car scene (Wellington in particular) is small and we could really do with coming together to build the scene in a positive light. Lets face it, young or old, V8 or 4-Cylinder, Turbo or NA, Rotary or Honda we all have the same interest and similar goals for our love of everything automotive.

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-72

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-65

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-56

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-53

SSS 2014 - Speedmagnet-55

After a small rubbish clear up everyone left in groups back over the scenic Rimutaka ranges. Speedmagnet would like to thank everyone who made this possible and helped out on the day, as well as everyone who attended the day with their clean rides and good attitude. That concludes the Sunday Slowdown events for 2014, but we will return bigger and better next year. We will continue to step up a level and hold events that have something for everyone in the automotive scene and trust me we have some cracker ideas brewing.

If you have any suggestions for a future meet we always love to hear from you guys. @Speedmagnet on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– McBean

And here is a short highlights video from the day, catch you all up at the next one March 22nd 2015 after the 4&Rotary North Island Jamboree.


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