Mothers Chrome Expression Sessions /// Video

The event of the year!!! Check out this short highlights video the Speedmagnet team put together from this massive event. We had so much fun shooting the event, so we hope you guys enjoy watching it just as much!

Let’s get straight to the point, the 2014 Chrome Expression Sessions was the event of the year. I agree that there are still a few months to go till 2014 comes to an end but I can tell you why the Speedmagnet team rated this event so highly. Main reason? The people at the event, were the event.  You weren’t attending a show and seeing cars on display that had shiny engine bays, rad wheels and a pristine paint job. You weren’t at a race track watching drift cars slide past on limiter, or race cars whizzing along in front of you. At this event you had a chance to be part of all the action. You would find yourself next to the cars that you had seen at shows, and cars…

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