Would you like wings with that – Ardmore Showdown /// Video + Gallery

Would you like wings with that – Ardmore Showdown /// Video + Gallery

The Ardmore Showdown, a slightly ambiguous name, and it doesn’t really give a good idea of what the event is about (unless you see the event poster). None of the team had attended the event before and weren’t really sure what to expect. We arrived when gates opened at 9am, at that time there were hundreds of cars filling up the parks, and there was a hive of activity going on.

The drivers briefing must’ve just completed and the people were just getting all their cars ready for the days events ahead. One thing that we really liked about the event, it is more skewed towards having fun than being about the competition. Almost a polar opposite to the Nationals really which is all about being the best or having the best vehicle. And this is really this event in a nutshell, it’s just about having fun. The pro drift drivers were just ripping it up, the guys doing skids were going till the tyres popped and the drop flag drags were a throwback to the illegals.

The trade stands and all the cars on display were spaced out and there was plenty of room to get a picnic going.  The other thing that makes this event different to all the other 4&Rotary events is the air show aspect. There is something about seeing plane doing a 400kph low flying ‘maverick’ style pass. The epic-ness of the jet engines at full thrust is something that everyone should experience. Just being able to get up close to the planes to have a closer look was primo. You got to appreciate all the intricacies and engineering of the planes. They are truly amazing machines.

For anyone that missed the event this year, pack a picnic bring your friends and family and make a day of it. Events like this is exactly what the scene needs, so make sure you get out and support it.

Enjoy the gallery and make sure you let us know your thoughts at our Facebook page.

Catch you all up at the 4&Rotary Jamboree!


And here is the highlights video from the event, followed by the photo gallery further down the page, enjoy!



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