Drifting on water? – PSP NZ Jetsprint Championship /// Gallery

Drifting on water? – PSP NZ Jetsprint Championship /// Gallery

Drifting its a crazy sport, seeing who can go sideways the fastest, whilst creating the maximum amount of smoke in a judged section. You would think that the guys that do this are straight mental. We all thought that until we attended a Jetsprint event. Straight ‘ridiculousness’, engines with outputs ranging from 600-1400hp, boats that weigh under a 1000kg, no brakes. The course is some dirt dug out with just enough space for Danny Devito to walk through. All this while racing against the clock, and the rest of the field. With G-forces exceeding those of a jet taking off from an aircraft carrier, carnage is guaranteed. Set up all this madness in beautiful surroundings and you have your entertainment sorted for the day.

A good friend of ours Ric Burke lovingly dubbed ‘The Monster’ introduced us to the sport and said “you have to come check this out, its awesome!” Ric you weren’t wrong. How this sport has stayed out of our radar for so long is a mystery. In fact we will go out on a limb and say that this could be colossal within the next 12 months, watch this space for more updates. In the meantime we recommend you attend an event, and then you will know why this sport will appeal to so many. Ric pilots the 222 boat, he is a character, ladies love him, guys want to be him. He also has an equally hard-case navigator, Alf Kil, dangerous last name, even more dangerous dance moves. Follow the lads shenanigans in the 2015 season here: 222.

For us car guys, motors being pushed hard into their rev limit, and fast paced nature of the sport appeals the most. From a spectators point there is plenty of action to see, visually the boats are beautiful to watch, carving up the water with a massive tail of dispersed H2O trailing them around each corner. There is imminent danger, a single wrong move at any point means the boat flies off the banks and beaches itself, usually in spectacular fashion.

Get the full run down from the day, and all the results here:


The next event on the calendar is at Baypark, Tauranga. It was sold out stadium with a custom built track last year, and this year its shaping up to be larger than ever! See the video from last years event here: Baypark Jetsprint Highlights 2014

To get updates of all the latest Jet sprinting action and future event dates, check out the New Zealand Jetsprint Association website.

Thank you to Ric for introducing us to this world, see you all at the next round!



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