3 things that we loved about the 2015 V 4&Rotary Jamboree /// Gallery

3 things that we loved about the 2015 V 4&Rotary Jamboree /// Gallery

This year the Jambo seemed to be comfortable in it’s own clothes. It liked the way it looked in the mirror and did not care about what anyone thought. As far as events go on the 4&Rotary show calendar, the V 4&Rotary Jamboree is our favourite. The South Island Champs and the Nationals are show and drags, but the ‘Jambo’ has show, drifting and circuit racing. Three aspects of the car world that the team really likes.

Speedmagnet - 4nr jambo 2015-120

For the 2015 instalment, almost everyone understood the modified import show scene is in a rebuilding phase. Well it has been for a while but give it a few years and we will see enough players emerge again, all of them wanting to be the boss. So everyone was sweet with the show hall being filled with mint streeters rather than dedicated show cars. Trust me with the amount of crazy rides in the build around the country, it will only be a matter of time before they start getting completed and start filling the halls again. But its like the expectation wasn’t there so everyone seemed to be having a much better time, rather than being in a competitive environment.

Moving onto the main subjects at hand. There are three main things that we really love about the Jambo:

1) Variety

2) Grass roots festival vibe

3) Catching up with mates/ meeting new people


Whether you are in the show hall or the track or the car park there is a big mix of rides scattered throughout the event. Not many events that you will get to see these 10 rides all in the same place…

A RB26DETT powered Commy


A Supercharged rotary B1600 Ute

Speedmagnet - 4nr jambo 2015-188

The daedalus concept, frankenstein build
Speedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-133A bagged, V8 Skyline skid machine


A roof chopped Mini speedsterSpeedmagnet - 4nr jambo 2015-141

A 1JZ-GTE, Toyota Mark II coupeSpeedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-183

A caged, turbo charged CressidaSpeedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-80

A street legal SakerSpeedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-136

A beautiful slammed ‘latino spec’ ImpalaSpeedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-2

An ex world time attack carSpeedmagnet-4nr-jambo-2015-159There was even a non-mini truck..


You see lots of variety in the schedule of the event itself; If you get sick of looking at all the vehicles in the show hall, you could rock out to the skid pad and see some rides killing all the tyres. If that wasn’t your jam, then you could take a walk to the track and go see some cars battling against the clock, or even a bunch of sliders take on the famed Manfield drift section. It’s this variety that keeps you entertained and before you know it half the day is gone.

Grass roots festival vibe

Jamboree has a festival feel about it rather than the usual car event, there are people always walking around the venue all going in different directions to see different things. Almost like you are big day out or similar dance festival and you have all your favourite acts that you want to see etc. The Nationals has a sort of high end feel in the air, but the Jamboree has a real grass roots vibe to it. It feels like the hard core petrol heads are in attendance, the guys that get their hands dirty, the people that are building a rad project that they cant wait to bring out next year. Most people we talked to were putting something together, whether it was a drift hack, a weekend streeter or sound machine. Which leads us to the third thing that we really loved about Jambo…

Catching up with mates / meeting new people

We feel that at Nationals it is always quite difficult to start up a random conversation with strangers, in the South Island champs it’s a little easier. At Jambo people are more than happy to strike up a conversation and talk some cars. Tell us about their own ride or just about how the weekend was going. There was a sense of comradery in the Jambo show hall. This may have come down to the amount of club stands in the hall, which are all based around unity. Or it could’ve been that most the people knew or knew of each other as the lower north modified car community is much smaller in scale than the upper north. Either way it was just a good times, a chilled out atmosphere that keeps us coming back each year.

An open letter to 4&Rotary…

Dear Sir/Madame

We hope that you are having a brilliant day, and this letter finds you well.

We are writing behalf of all the lower North Island modified vehicle enthusiasts.

Firstly we would like to say that we really love your events, and thank you for holding them for us to enjoy. We did have one suggestion though for next years event. The Manfield circuit, pit area and the show hall proximity, lends itself to the format that they use for the Chrome Expression Sessions.

The lower North Island is all about building useable tidy street rides, with a splattering of drift hacks. If you changed to this format, it would set the Jambo off into the stratosphere. The thought of ripping round the track with your mates in the car with all your crews rides in-front and behind you, it would almost be like a throw back to the old Manfield open days (for those of your crew that attended ‘back in the day’ will understand that reference).

Your events are well organised and last years Chrome Expression Sessions was hands down the best car event of the year. So if you guys could please incorporate that same format at Jamboree, that will really set things off for all of us in the lower North.

Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

The Speedmagnet team and the lower North Island modified car community.


Here is part one of the two part photo-set, the drift and track pics will follow soon. Feel free to right click save the pics and upload them to Facebook or keep for your own pleasure. Please all we ask is that the watermarks remain on the photos. To all the people that entered the event, thank you for stepping up and putting your ride on the line for public scrutiny. For those that attended the event, thank you for being part of the event. We Look forward to seeing you next year for a yarn and to talk some cars.


P.s. Do epic s#*!

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