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It is my belief that car scene has gone full circle and is beginning to thrive like the days of old here in the lower north, and the turn out for Hardpark 2017 has me feeling we are in for a few good years!

If you haven’t been to Hardpark before it is hard to describe the vibe and atmosphere. Try to imagine nearly every car club in your wider area, all your car friends, and anyone who has heard about it through the grape vine descending on one of the largest car parks in Wellington to park up and hang. This is Hardpark Wellington and you are in for a hell of a day! 


This year saw the largest turn out for a Hardpark ever, in fact it could be the largest Hardpark NZ has ever seen. The event officially started at 2pm but I estimate by 1pm it was 1/2 full with a steady stream of quality pride and joys from the clubs and crews.

This year the Wellington clubs definitely stepped up their involvement, it didn’t matter the make of your ride there was a club here you could catch up with. With the Hardpark team growing this year the event in my opinion was better organised, which allowed many clubs to enter early and secure their spot together. Many had taken notes from previous years with BBQ’s and gazebo’s being a regular sight with Wellington finally putting on a good day.




The level of cars this year was fantastic, and the range of makes and models even better. You would be hard pressed to have not found your child hood dream ride between the 1980s and today. There was everything from high powered GTR’s, slammed stance rides, classic and current Toyotas, mini trucks, baby eating turbos, no matter your flavour Hardpark had you covered.

A massive shout out to anyone that came along this year for the first time, you are the future of the Wellington Hardpark and we hope to see you back again next year.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to the H.O.T. (Hardpark Organisation Team) you guys did an unreal job of putting such a large event together.

Lastly we are excited to announce Hard Park 2018 on the 4th of Feb 2018. We have managed to secure a private skid pad for next year, you won’t want to miss out!!

Thats enough from me, I will leave you guys and girls with a few of my favourite moments of the day.

Until next year, peace!

XO McBean


Mcbean’s Fav Moments:WGTNhardpark17-317





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