Apfelstrudel Dreams – ECCNZ ‘Summer Time Madness Meet’ /// Gallery

Apfelstrudel Dreams – ECCNZ ‘Summer Time Madness Meet’ /// Gallery

Around the rest of the planet, vehicles manufactured in Germany are hugely popular. Only in recent times has the popularity of these vehicles started to take off in our beautiful country. They are affordable, they are plentiful. After having a chat with a large amount of owners the increase in popularity also comes down to a having decent aftermarket parts backing these days.

With the amount of euro vehicles on the road, the Euro Car Club NZ organised the ‘Summer Time Madness Meet’. Dubbed Auckland’s biggest euro meet, it was held at Hooten Reserve in Albany. The carpark was a flurry of Audi’s, BMW’s including the new 2014 M4, Merc’s, everything European, plus your family tank too (Volvo).

Hosted by Amber-leigh and her team, the day was set for some hard parking and hot sun. As I rolled in my own e30, I noticed an unbelievable amount of e30’s. One that took my eye was a bagged 318i, sporting a Toyota v8. The owner wasn’t around for details sadly.



The next stop was a blue ’61’ VW Beetle, sneakily ease dropping in on the conversion, this little thing was supercharged, really impressive.


Through out the day, talking to serval of the owners, the general vibe was fantastic, these men and woman were really passionate about the Euro scene in Auckland, and I can only see it going from strength to strength . Especially with the amount of stanced e30’s on display, some even with a hint of JDM styling, which is an interesting combination.

After all the awards where given out and spot prizes claimed, some left in groups for a small cruise, while others stayed behind and watched photographers snatch some shots of an amazing BMW e36 328i sitting nicely on a set of Breyton’s. A must on the wish list for Euro stance fanatics, I was jealous to say the least.

This was a 4th event that ECCNZ has held and there will plenty more in the future. The next event is on in January 2015. For further details on the Euro car scene in auckland check out, www.eurocarclub.co.nz or look them up on Facebook.

Thanks to all Involved.

– Foster


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