Rise of the street car – the Nationals drags /// Gallery

Rise of the street car – the Nationals drags /// Gallery

After a massive day of perving at some of New Zealand’s tidiest four and rotary rides, oh, and lovely ladies, what better way to spend the day surround by the fumes of high octane fuel and burning rubber.

Anyone that has ever been at a traffic light, and the person next to starts revving knows the feels of what drag racing is all about. There is something in the soul that awakens. A fiery urge rises and builds with in you. It’s your entire being saying “stop being a blouse” and man up. Back when you used to be able to have a squirt up till 100k’s on the motorway, we all felt it was some harmless fun. The ‘fun’ police now think otherwise. Now you have to fight the urge at the lights, but luckily there are enough events around the country, to release the monster within and have a rip down the track.

The 4&Rotary Nationals drag day is the premier day out for anyone with a hi-po import four cylinder, six cylinder or turbo vehicle of any sort, this is the place where you prove your mettle in-front of a massive crowd. This is a place of real talk, story tellers yarns will be cut short and any failure to perform usually leads to, a string of reasons why it was the cars fault and not human error. But no matter what Aesop fables arise post event, the guys that entered represented hard. They stepped up to the start line and got out there. Times ranged from, 19sec passes to 10sec passes in the street category. So it wasn’t like it was shame if you ran a slow time, it was cool that you were out there participating; being part of the event is where all the fun is rather than just being a spectator. So next time instead of watching from the stand be the centre of attention for those nineteen seconds or less.

For a full rundown of the results visit 4androtary.co.nz. Make sure you check out the dates for future rad events that these guys put on.


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